V.d.W. International was founded in October 1974 by Vincent Van de Wege (1944-2013). It is part of the Van de Wege group of companies.
As of today, V.d.W. International is one of the leading Pusher production companies and exports its products in Europe, the Middle-East, Australia and the USA.

With over 40 years of experience in the amusement industry, including 25 years in the manufacturing of Pusher machines , Van de Wege created 23 models of Pushers and sold more than 3.000 units around the world.

Since 1990 VdW International attends the major exhibitions in the amusement industry in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain and Ireland. Its products are also being exhibited in the USA and Russia. Laurent Van de Wege took over the company from his father in 2013. He and his team remain attentive to your specific needs. The entire team will be pleased to configure any Pusher in accordance with your individual requirements.

Vincent Van de Wege
Founder – VdW int.

Laurent Van de Wege
Managing Director

VdW installed a new Photovoltaic power station on top of its building.

Here are some characteristics :

Number of solar modules : 496
Total Power output : 150 kW peak
Annual production : 147.000 kwh/year
CO2 reduction: 67 Tons/year

• A new VdW pusher marquee hits the market: the VISION360°

• A new 6player pusher hits the market: the Black Jack 6player

• A new 6player pusher hits the market: the Baccarat Max.

• A new 6player pusher hits the market: the Baccarat.

• 2 new 6player pushers hit the market: the Zanzibar and Dancing Queen Max.

• The revolutionary “Dancing Queen”  6 player coin pusher is presented at the Showroom Forain exhibition in Paris

• 2 new products are presented at “Expo Forain” in Paris: the Poker Ace and Joker 6 player pushers.

• The “Las Vegas” and the “Astro” 6 player coin pushers hit the market

• 2 new redemption games hit the market : R30 and The Magic Ball.

• Sale of the 2500th VdW coin pusher (Da Vinci Mystery).

• First USA sales.

• First sales to Australia

• First sales to the Middle East.

• Moving the business to larger premises . Laurent , Vincent’s son making his debut into the family business.

• Import of the first coin pushers from the U.K. and Japan

• Vincent Van de Wege creates his first company specialized in selling spare parts for Amusement Games.