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Based on the successful Black Jack 6 player , this 2 player version comes in handy where available space is limited.

This model is also equipped with additional coin chutes mounted at mid-height for more comfort.

It also contains an interactive Bonus system based on the well known “21 game” and is characterised by a very attractive payout sequence.
This coin pusher contains even more play appeal with additional flashing coloured LED lights.
The Black Jack has the same technical characteristics as every VdW coin pusher. This makes it a great machine for players as well as for operators.

Black Jack 2 player – Interactive Bonus Game

The player can , with the Interactive Bonus Game of the Black Jack directly influence the number of tokens/coins he wins. The sequence is very easy to understand : Each inserted token/coin changes the number of red LEDs lit on the inner circle. If all LEDs are lit, the Bonus feature starts. The machine will chose 2 cards to start with. The sum of those 2 cards will be displayed on the Bonus Counter. The player can either choose to take this number which will be paid out by the hopper or choose to receive a new card which will be added to displayed number. The aim is to get to the magic number 21. But watch out ! If the number exceeds 21 then the bonus will be lost.

Black Jack 2 – The Film