VISION360° – Pusher Marquee

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The new Van de Wege pusher marquee with a stunning visual appeal! P2 LED displays are mounted around the entire circumference of the pusher marquee!

  • Spectacular 360° play appeal!
  • Editable texts with the pusher’s settings box.
  • Bonus game Animations for each playfield.
  • p2 Led displays over the entire circumference of the marquee.
  • Beautiful circular Dotstar LED illuminated finish at the top of the marquee.
  • Displays protected with curved 2 mm plexiglass.
  • Easy troubleshooting thanks to the modular concept of the Vision360 (7 sets of 4 displays mounted on metal frames).
  • The dimensions of the pusher equipped with the vision360 do not exceed that of the pusher with the standard marquee.
  • Please contact us for compatibility with the other Van de Wege pushers.

VISION360° – The Film