Dancing Queen Max

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The DANCING QUEEN MAX is the new 6 player VdW coin pusher with automatic chip dispensing on the playfields. Similar to the Dancing Queen pusher, it contains an interactive Bonus system based on jackpot reels and is characterized by an astonishing play appeal and mesmerizing lighting effects. The DANCING QUEEN MAX is definitely an eye catcher!

• Chips are automatically dropped on the playfield.
• Changers for all playfields.
• Spectacular lighting with more than 1500 RGB LED.
• Ergonomic coin entries.
• Exiting new interactive Bonus Game based on jackpot reels.
• Machine’s base is lit with RGB LEDs.
• Double doors on hinges under each playfield for easy access .
• Attractive rotating chip dispenser in the center.

Dancing Queen – Interactive Bonus Game

The Bonus Game starts when all coloured vertical bars are lit . When the player aligns 3 crowns on the simulated jackpot reels, he wins the Jackpot!

Dancing Queen Max – The Film