Joker Coin Pusher-Data

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• Voltage : 230 VAC
• Amps : 2,1 A
• Power consumption : 480 Watts
• Weight : 465 kg

The Joker has the following characteristics:
• 4 coin chutes per playfield.
• Optional : Coloured Led’s on top,body and coin trays.
• When inserting a coin or token, a green light indicates that the playfield is busy.
• A tilt is confirmed by a red flashing light .
• Equipped with a sound generator for the coinchutes,Bonus game and Tilt.
• One cashbox drawer collects coins/tokens from all playfields and includes an easy unload system.
• Easy maintenance with the electronics in one easy removable case.
• Strong cabinet made of multiplex pannels and stainless steel components.
• All parts of the cabinet are replaced easily in case they’re damaged.
• The cabinet’s base has heavy duty castors with brake.
• The height of the machine’s top is adjustable.
• All windows have rounded corners.
• Mains lead can be connected on top or at the bottom of the pusher.
• Payout trays are fully lit (optional).
• Large Swag drops easily into the payout tray.
• LED lighting allows low power consumption.
• H 205,5 x D 162,5 x W 186,5.