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The ZANZIBAR is a 6 player VdW coin pusher. It contains a 3D interactive Bonus system based on the oldest dice game “Zanzibar” and is characterised by a very attractive payout sequence .This coin pusher contains even more play appeal with its 3D Bonus Feature and new generation Bonus Game Push Butons and tilt lamps.  The ZANZIBAR has the same technical characteristics as every VdW coin pusher. This makes it a great machine for players as well as for operators.

ZANZIBAR – Interactive Bonus Game

The player can, with the Interactive Bonus Game of the ZANZIBAR directly influence the number of tokens/coins he wins. The sequence is very easy to understand : each inserted token/coin changes the number of LEDs lit on the three visible faces of the 3D dice of the Bonus Feature. If the 3 faces are fully lit , the Bonus feature starts by simulating a rolling dice. When pushing on the Push button above the playfield, the rolling will stop and the points of the 3 faces are totalled and bonus tokens/coins are paid out accordingly with an attractive countdown. If the  player gets a “Z” on each of the 3 faces  then he wins the Jackpot which is worth 50 coins/tokens. The resulting payout sequence is characterised by a very attractive sound and light show and a spectacular countdown.